In 1903 Neils Finsen won a Nobel Prize for discovering that specific wavelengths of light have a positive effect on cell tissue. Then in 1998 Dr. Louis Ignarro won the same prize for discovering that the body uses Nitric Oxide, a gas that is critical for optimum health.

Although these two men never met, their independent discoveries used together have the potential to revolutionize medicine.

Our red and infrared devices use specific wavelengths of light for optimum results. Our designs allow you to secure light in desired location and assists in: raising nitric oxide levels, activation of ATP, collagen development, elastin production and many other biological functions.

New research shows that amino acids stored in vegetable extracts are effective at activating Nitric Oxide. Replenishing Nitric Oxide levels is important because it naturally decreases in the body over time. LuxiHeath has introduced NitroBio supplements offering different biochemical pathways to activate Nitric Oxide in the body, thus optimizing health and the light response.

Finally, our convenient pH and Nitric Oxide biomonitoring strips test the body in order to track optimum health.