LuxWaves LX1000 Flexible Infrared Pain Relief Pad

LuxWaves LX1000 Flexible Infrared Pain Relief Pad


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Relieving pain naturally:

The LuxWaves LX1000 can reduce pain naturally. The Infrared LED lights stimulate the damaged cells in the area that is in pain and returns them to their natural pain-free state. After a short amount of time the user will feel results that are short of miraculous. The pad is available for purchase on this site and around the world.

LX1000 Features

Patented pain therapy with LED light

The unique patent pending design utilizes a highly flexible material and 168 Infrared LEDs to treat pain on virtually any part of the body. Unlike other pads that use blue or red LEDs, the LX1000 uses Infrared LEDs that are able to penetrate further through the body. This enables the pad to relieve pain deeper than anything else on the market today.

LED light therapy and Nitric Oxide (NO)

All monochromatic light when shined on damaged cells stimulates the bodies own ability to heal. When the light hits the damaged area, the body's nitric oxide (NO) molecules are released and are sent to the area causing pain. This newly discovered molecule has tremendous effects on the body, but the older we become, the less our bodies produce naturally. This is why we recommend NitroBeet supplements before treatment to ensure the body is at optimum NO levels.


Nitric Oxide and its correlation with LED therapy

Apart from its noticeable soothing warmth, the LED lights stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO promotes circulation. As a consequence, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is improved, and at the same time pain transmission is reduced. The muscles are relaxed and the pain relieved. NO is said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is thus able to protect muscles and nerves against damage and prevent further injuries.


Flexibility enables the LX1000 to treat any part of the body

The washable, anti-bacterial silicone material used to manufacture the LX1000 enables the user to wrap the pad on virtually any part of the human body. It is the only Infrared pad in the world that incorporates 168 high energy diodes safely and with this much flexibility, on the LED pad market today.

Pulse Rate Generator gives flexibility for a variety of relief

The compact yet powerful pulse rate generator (PRG) gives the user a multitude of possible settings for maximum pain relief. It has a high/low setting, 4 different pulse settings, and three different timer modes, 15, 30 and 60 minute options that automatically turns off when the treatment is finished.

The LX1000 is easy to use and very safe

The 880nm LEDs incorporated into the LX1000 are extremely safe. They have the same ability to reduce pain as low level lasers, but with a fraction of the cost and with no side effects. Also prescription isn't needed. NASA has used similar technology to safely treat their astronauts in space for years.

Cleaning the LX1000 is simple

The LuxWaves LX1000 anti-bacterial material is safe and easy to clean: simply wipe the silicone pad with a damp cloth and let air dry. Do not immerse the device in water or the warranty will be voided.

Patience is needed

Depending on the kind of pain, relief can take up to several days of 3 treatments a day. Optimum NO levels before treatment is also highly recommended.