I want to let you know how much I enjoy getting treated with the LuxWaves lights. And how much better I feel after using them, I use them three times a day and it helps my arthritic knee, I don't have to get treated all the time but when I have pain anywhere on my body I use the lights and they are outstanding, and I don't have to use pain medication, which is wonderful!
Sally Houston, Walnut Creek, CA

I've had back pain for many years, and recently I could barely even walk because it. Then I used the LuxWaves LX 1000 in about 5 days and I was amazed at how the pain went away, I was able to walk again, the pain was gone LuxWaves saved me!
Sandra Sabino, Buda, TX

I have chronic low back and neck pain. The pain is often sharp, severe and can leave me immobile. Getting the LuxWaves treatments for just 15 minutes at a time provides immediate pain relief and keeps my low back and neck feeling loose.
Brian B. Walnut Creek, CA

The medical applications of light are in its infancy. LuxWaves technology is an advanced light treatment modality.
Diva Seddick, M.D. Danville, CA

I was experiencing some pretty horrendous pain, in my lower back (due to Sciatica0, it was so bad that I was using a cane. I used the LuxWaves treatments along with the supplements for just about a week, and with the use of those two things, the pain was gone and I didn't have to use the cane anymore. I've used many devices and many techniques over the years as a Chiropractor, and this has been one of most effective things that I've used.
Cheryl Makin D.C. Austin, TX

In July of 2006 I woke up and was unable to walk. I had back pain and leg pain and went to the doctor and they found a synovial cist between L4 and L5. They removed the cist and I was still experiencing discomfort yeas after. I thought I'd get relief from epidurals and physical therapy, but they didn't work. So I started using LuxWaves Light devices as well as the nitric oxide activating supplements. And within two weeks I was pain free! I want to thank LuxWaves for giving me my life back!
Liz Bensinger, Lewisburg, TN
I was in a life-threatening car accident. I fractured three cervical vertebra (including the "hangman's vertebra": C2, which, if fractured a few millimeters more, would have instantly paralyzed me from the neck down or killed me on-scene at the accident where I was run off the road and rolled my care three times. I also fractured or broke three ribs and a collarbone, and severed one of the arteries leading to my brain. I began using the LuxWaves light system as soon as I could in the healing process. It is now only five months later, and I am well ahead of schedule with the help of LuxWaves. I am expected to make a full recovery. I have taught Physics, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology for 25 years, and I know how the body works. This product helps to make the body work better. Thanks, LuxWaves!
Brendan Shortley, Gainesville, FL

One day I twisted my knee and I heard a crunching sound. When I got home it swelled up really bad and I could feel a pouch of water developing below my knee cap. The next day it became hot and red which meant it was getting infected. I called my friend who was an EMT and told him my condition. He said to go to my Doctor and have him drain it. I don't like needles, so instead I tried using the LuxWaves light pad everyday and in a week it was 90% healed. I feel this product is absolutely safe and legit!
David A. Austin, TX

I had terrible back pain; sciatica, bulging disc, spinal stenosis, were all diagnosed. I tried chiropractic, spinal injections and other means to relieve the pain. I received absolutely no relief until I began taking beet powder and using the light therapy techniques of LuxWaves What a difference! After 1 week the pain began to disappear and by 6 weeks I literally have no pain. I continue to use the light therapy about 2 hours per week to prevent any reoccurrence. Thank you LuxWaves!
Betty H. Boynton Beach, FL

I recently pulled my back while participating in a basketball game. The injury restricted my mobility and the pain so intense that I required assistance to get home. Once home, I drank a nitric oxide activator and waited approximately 15 minutes before applying the LuxWaves heating pad. Incredibly, after two 30 minute sessions, I was relieved of approximately 95 percent of the pain! More incredibly, my mobility was restored by approximately 90 percent by morning. Absolutely incredible, thanks LuxWaves.
Jesse Villagran, Austin, TX

I had a condition of shingles, that had given me a great deal of pain and erupted all over my shoulder and down the side of my body. My Physician had prescribed some pain medication and told me it might be weeks or months before it was resolved. But yet using the LuxWaves technology in less than 24 hours, the pain was mostly gone. And within a week to ten days, the condition of the rash had disappeared. It's a marvelous technology and powerful healing modality.
Edward Salisbury, Austin, TX

author = "Patricia D. Orinda, CA " position = ""I went to the dentist and had a molar looked it. He took an x-ray and said he'd have to pull the tooth. I didn't want to do it at that particular time, so for about a month I treated with the LuxWaves light devices. When I returned to the dentist and took another x-ray, he was amazed that I had regenerated bone around the tooth./quote]